About the Company

qdp canada® for Manufacturing construction machinery spare parts and hydraulic hammers was founded in 1975 . We are located in North America.

Who Are We ?

Canadian owned and operated, this partnership has many years of vast experience in the construction machinery field and has a dedicated workforce, qdp canada® had become a leading cost-effective, high quality company. Our company has customers with many different demands which range from quality to their specific requirements from countries across the globe. The qdp canada® we established has a uniquely diverse atmosphere and we guarantee great value and efficient performance across our portfolio. Through our customer savings and superior products we ensure the goods we manufacture reach the end user In the highest possible standard.

We produce chisels for all brands


All manufacturers names, numbers, symbols and descriptions are for reference purposes only and it is not implied that any part used is the product of these manufacturers. All parts are supplied as qdp canada®. PRICES AND AVAILABILITY WILL BE QUOTED AGAINST SPECIFIC ENQUIRES COPYRIGHT qdp canada ® . Any unauthorised use will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law

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